Join Us in a 30 Day Promise to Yourself!

Starting July 1, make the promise to take care of yourself in the following ways…

I promise to…

– Walk/Run/Hike/Swim/Move 1 Mile or at Least 15 Minutes a Day
– Do 50 Military Sit Ups or 5 Minutes of Core Work
– Do 50 Push Ups or Hang Out in Down Dog for a While
– Stretch for 5 at Least Minutes
– Mediate for at Least 5 Minutes
– Try to practice not polluting your body with Sugar, Alcohol or Coffee
– Speak kind words–to yourself and to those around you.

While embracing this promise, be aware of the mind's ability to convince you that this is hard, or even too hard. Know that this is just the mind thinking and is not reality. Use this promise as a way to love yourself, practice patience, acceptance, and gratitude.

When those moments arise where you feel like “you've got to be kidding me” :~), those are actually the richest moments to experience. This is when practicing mindful breathing, mindful eating and mindful movement will bring you the most peace, when it isn't easy.

If you choose to embrace simply one of the above promises or none, practice self-love with that simple choice, release judgements and expectations.

Raising the collective conciseness in a group of individuals can support us all in this journey; it truly does not matter when one does this promise, we are choosing random dates to allow all of us to join together at this time. Know that we are here supporting each other as we take this promise, but also know that the strength is within each of us individually every moment to pull from.

Feel free to embrace this promise to yourself anytime and any day and even in any way. Creating a goal of 30 days helps some of us shift into new ways of self care but be happy if you practice this for just even moments.