*No caffeine includes anything with caffeine, such as chocolate, soda, black, white or green tea as well as coffee. No animal products includes by products such as milk, cheese, butter and eggs
**Read chapter 5 'A Jump Start For Your Body' in Kathy Freston's 'Quantum Wellness'**

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Kathy Freston's Guided Peace Meditation

The world is more malleable than you think. Close your eyes, open your mind, and partake of this guided meditation. Read it slowly and with your full attention. Begin to co-create the miracle: it is our task.

Close your eyes and relax. Breathe deeply and fully, as if you are being breathed by a great benevolent force. Let the energy of God, or your higher power, move through you now and allow yourself to be a clear vessel through which this power flows.

Begin to feel this light within you grow and expand, reaching from the depths of your personal soul, out through your body so that it begins to fuse with the light of every other human being. Take a moment to fully integrate this feeling of connection.

Surrender your smaller self to the highest and holiest potential that is within. In this moment let go of the negative thoughts and judgments that grab at you and weigh you down.

In every area of your life, see where you have been functioning out of fear rather than choosing love. In every area of your life, forgive who and what has hurt you. Breathe… And now forgive yourself for the times you have missed the mark.

Feel the breath move though you – clearing, energizing, and renewing. From this internal space, begin to imagine in small circumstances and situations, little miracles manifesting. Disputes are settled with ease, you experience more random acts of kindness, and the things you worried about seemed to have disappeared entirely.

Now imagine that that very sense of lifting and healing move to bigger and more profound areas of your life. With all your senses, with all this power moving through you, bring to mind the best and most perfect scenario of a world that is healed.

Imagine a series of gentle breakthroughs: of leaders and politicians finding peaceful solutions. Of hostility that is replaced with compassion. Of an abundance of food and resources for every last being on earth. Imagine our planet being lifted out of pain and into blissful peace. Be very specific: in your minds' eye, apply the force of this collective love to every place of discord and see it heal and become light.

And as you visualize, so you will begin to perceive the world around you differently. And so the world transforms. At this very moment, you are co-creating with God, or your higher power, the unfolding miracle of peace. May you know comfort, peace, abundance, and love. May we all know it. And so it is ……

Kathy Freston