The Kindness Revolution…

Lately I have been feeling a bit unsure as to how to handle all the woes of the world. I do my part of course but sometimes it doesn't feel like enough. After I have signed all the petitions online, written to all the political figures that need a talkin' to, called the mayor's office, via our lovely 311 service, and had every shopping cart picked up in my community, had all the graffiti removed within my sight, called caltrans to improve upon numerous issues on our freeways, notified our city council person as to numerous issues that need attention, I ask myself 'now what?' I still feel unsettled, like I can do more, should do more, must do more. So, I realized that after all of that is said and done there is one thing left to do…live in kindness, to everyone, always. Now, that is a tall order, I agree, but we have to start somewhere, right? So, I am proposing a 'Kindness Revolution'. I will leave the 'Food Revolution' up to Jamie Oliver, whom I absolutely adore and stand behind 100%! He needs help too so go to his website and support him. Back to kindness…what he can do with food, our children, our country and his own country, we can all do to everyone on the planet with kindness. It's so simple. Smile at people. Look people in the eye. Say 'thank you'. Say 'you're welcome'. Don't speed. Donate some clothes to the good will. Leave a ridiculously generous tip at your local coffee spot (when no one is looking). Compliment someone. Write someone a letter. With a pen. And mail it. With a stamp. :)))

You get the idea. Be nice. For no reason. Pass it on.

I believe that by simple acts of kindness, self love, pausing to notice the little things and resonating with gratitude in our hearts is what allows us a peaceful and healthy journey through life. Many of us live in this intention daily already but adding a little more awareness to it and recognizing your deeds as well as spreading the word to others can be quite powerful energetically.Spread the word and spread the kindness!