Change is good…

I am so grateful for all the amazing support, love, gifts, flowers, messages, emails and continued belief in me, what I do and my philosophy. I know change is something that can create a bit of apprehension in some and I believe this is a great opportunity to practice patience, acceptance and surrender to the unknown. That being said I wanted to take this time to review a few notes regarding our new studio. I am including everything that might come up so you are more familiar with the new space. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Please be aware that our address does contain a suite number but it is strictly for mailing purposes. Please do not allow this to confuse you as we do not have a suite number above our door yet. Our studio is on the north east corner of Lankershim and Magnolia Blvd. and our main entrance is on the north side of Magnolia directly across the street from Starbucks. You will notice the banners in the window as our permanent signs are coming soon.

There might be times that the front door will be locked once class begins. This is only if I am teaching without an assistant present. If the front door is locked there will be a sign posted to enter at side door. Continue walking east on Magnolia and there is another entrance to the main studio where I will be teaching and you may enter here.

We have been spoiled and blessed with somewhat convenient parking for nearly 20 years so I know it might be a challenge for some. I suggest embracing this change with an open heart and mind and be grateful for a nice stroll to our cars after our workouts to connect with nature and listen to the trees. 🙂

Parking tips…

There is plenty of parking on all surrounding streets. We have an abundance of parking options so please familiarize yourself with the area and find what is most convenient for you. Most meters are 1-4 hours so please read signs carefully. There are some parts of surrounding streets that are free unlimited parking that do not have meters. There is also a metered public parking lot just west of our studio on the north side of Magnolia that you may park in. We also have a parking structure on site and we are offering free parking validations for those of you that park there. Please note that most available parking is on the upper levels. For those of you who choose to park in the structure please ask me or one of my assistants for a parking validation ticket. When you return to the parking structure you will scan your parking ticket and then the validation ticket/s and then proceed to your car. When you get to the parking gate you use your original parking ticket and you will not be charged. Please ask if you have any questions.

Please pay before class and check in with myself or one of my assistants to make sure your account is current and make any payment necessary prior to class. If you could give us these few minutes on your way in it will allow us to run our business cohesively with Liv'art Dance Studio.

Please note that we do have two restrooms next to the reception area as well as a 'boys' and 'girls' changing rooms adjacent to the main studio. We are guests in a children's dance studio so the 'boys' and 'girls' translates to 'ladies' and 'gentlemen' for us. 🙂

You are more than welcome to use them before and/or after class. If you are getting ready for work we ask that you please do so in the changing rooms so the restrooms remain available for all of the other students.

Bottled water is available at the front desk as well as in the main studio for purchase. Dove is still offering nutritional supplements, protein powder, energy bars, fruit, body fat analysis, as well as Dove's Bodies clothing. Please ask for assistance.

There is a spacious room inside the main studio where all of the props are for class. During class I might ask you to go and get certain props or I might bring them into the room for you. As you know I improvise each class so there aren't any rules, routines, or anyway to plan on what is coming next.

I hope this helps you become more acquainted with our new space. If you have any questions regarding directions, parking, etc. please feel free to call us anytime and we will be happy to help you make this transition as smooth as possible. Thank you for being patient and flexible as we all get more acquainted with our new beautiful home.

Thank you and be well,