6 Week Wellness & Consciousness Challenge

Always ongoing…

Join me as we tune in to what we are putting in our body.  I will be right there with you every step of the way myself.  Please feel free to ask me any questions that might come up during this process.  If you feel the need to you are welcome to schedule a Conscious Eating Nutritional Counseling appointment to help you along.  Please let me know if you are interested in being part of this movement towards a better you.  There is no cost, no commitment to me, just to yourself with the support of a group of like minded individuals behind you.  If you have a friend or fellow student that you feel would be interested feel free to share. 

Here is what one client said after they participated in a similar journey with me…

“You are amazing!  Inspiring change in others is no small thing, and you have the gift.  My husband and I have never felt so healthy and purified.  We are excited to keep going.  I saw a picture of myself 2 months ago, the difference in my skin tone, my eyes, everything, is so noticeable.  I cannot express how grateful I am.  I feel like I am walking with more integrity in who I am and how I care for myself.”

As Michael Pollan says…'Eat food, mostly plants, not too much.'

Here are some of his favorite rules to live by.  I find them amusing and quite helpful.

•Don't eat egg salad from a vending machine.  🙂

•Don”t eat anything that took more energy to ship than to grow

•If you are not hungry enough to eat an apple then you are not hungry

•Eat foods in inverse proportion to how much its lobby spends to push it.

•Avoid snack foods with the 'oh' sounds in their names: Doritos, Fritos, Cheetos, Tostitos, Hostess ho hos, etc.

•Don't eat anything you aren't willing to kill yourself.

•After spending some time working with people with eating disorders, I came up with this rule: 'Don”t create arbitrary rules for eating if their only purpose is to help you feel in control.'  I try to eat healthyfully, but if there's a choice between eating ice cream and spending all day obsessing about eating ice cream, I'm going to eat the ice cream.

•If you choose to eat meat, know where your meat came from, how it was harvested and only eat meat as a side dish not as a main dish.


Here is how it works…


Over the next 6 weeks (or as long as you like) try your best to incorporate this into your lifestyle.  Be gentle with yourself, be forgiving with imperfections and most of all be honest with yourself.  If you would like to allow yourself a treat feel free to do so just indulge in something that is yummy and not polluting.  If you are not ready to embrace all of this then honor where you are in your life and just note that there is some resistance and look into it and ask yourself if you are willing to release the resistance or see if it is serving a greater purpose at the moment.  Make this process about you, not me or the sangha, but you.  Customize it as you need to.  But ask yourself this question when you are about to put something in your mouth that you know isn't in line with who you are, 'would I feed this to a child?'.  Pay attention to your answer and then proceed.  


•Only consume fresh organic foods

•All salad dressings are to be made with hemp, safflower or olive oil and apple cider vinegar

•Only consume complex carbohydrates-avoiding all processed, refined, simple carbohydrates

•Try to limit or avoid completely if you are able to the following…coffee, alcohol, sugar, processed foods, fried foods, dried fruit, fruit juices, soda, artificial sweeteners, low-fat foods, margarine, foods with health promises such as 'lowers cholesterol' on the packaging.  Avoid soy products and peanuts if possible.  

•Try to buy foods that aren't packaged

•Shop in the outer isle of the grocery store, avoid the middle isles.

•Ask yourself if you are willing to not eat meat or dairy.  This is a personal choice and there is no right answer.  If you do choose to eat meat and/or dairy please make sure it is organic and eat in gratitude for the animal that allowed you to be nourished by it.

•Drink plenty of water

•Eat every 4-5 hours.  Small meals.  

•Place your utensils down in between bites.  Chew slowly.  Don't rush.  Breathe.

•Ask questions about where your food is from.  Look at where food is grown.  Eat locally.  Think globally.

•Eat plenty of organic nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, brown rice, slow cooking oatmeal, seitan, legumes, hummus, avocado, almond milk, almond butter, and many other healthy alternatives.


Yes you will lose some weight, some inches, feel better, sleep better, be more hormonally balanced, more fun to be around, have happier healthier relationships, smile more, poop more :), and quite possibly finally get around to organizing your garage or putting all those photos in a photo album due to all the wonderful energy you will have. But that is not the motivation in me doing this.  I wish for you peace of mind, peace in your body and peace on the planet.  I wish for us to all respect our food, where it came from and support the people we want to continue providing us food, the farmers, the grocers, etc.  So, I wish for you all of the above but I what I mostly wish for you is awareness.  Be conscious.  Wake up.  Be alive.  Live from our earth and support our earth as I support you always and in all ways. 


Please let me know if I can help you in any way or if you would like to schedule an appointment to assist you in this process.