1 Year Later

My last entry was one year ago and it was about gratitude for my physical body.  3 days later my Mother took her own life.  I find this quite profound and it is causing me to pause for a moment and seriously be with gratitude for my physical body and the ability to have a relationship with it.  

As we approach Thanksgiving and this time of gratitude I am drawn towards the simple things in life.  At the end of every class I close with 'Take a few breaths in gratitude and silently express thanks for anything you are grateful for in your life'.  I always drop into gratitude for those students that chose to come and be in their body and take care of themselves.  Then I always lean towards nature; gratitude for the sun, for air, for the ability to move freely, for trees.  I then shift towards loved ones and security, having 'enough', being well.  

What are you grateful for?