Health & Fitness Finds: Fitness Guru Dove Rose-Grennan Talks Juicing


Editor’s Note:  We are thrilled to introduce our new columnist, Dove Rose-Grennan (left), who will be curating all the best info about health and fitness. Dove is  the owner and creator of Dove’s Bodiesand has been providing classes, private training, nutritional counseling and life coaching for over 27 years. Read more about Dove below.



Do you juice?

What’s your personal favorite?

Do you juice at home or stop by your local juicery and pick up on the go?

There are many choices that make living a healthy lifestyle easy and accessible. Juicing is one way to make sure you get enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.  Most juice shops offer pick up and delivery as well as a wide selection of grab-and-go juices and three and five day juice cleanses. It’s pretty much the norm for people to  go to  a yoga (or other exercise) class followed by a green juice or have their butt kicked by their trainer and then meet up for some social time at the local juicery.

You can either purchase a pressed juicer from your preferred local store and stock up on some yummy organic produce, or have a box of it delivered fresh to your door from the farmers. If that sounds like too much heavy lifting for you then you might be more inclined to pop into your neighborhood juice spot and enjoy a blend of liquid sunshine (hey, that’s a good name for a juice blend). Or you might be ready for a real commitment and sign up for a cleanse. I suggest doing a cleanse with a family member or some friends since it is nice to have the support. If you can talk your spouse into it you will have an easier time at the dinner table.

If you go solo, just know that you have the support of the entire health conscious community since many people are  doing it.  You should also have the support of the juicery itself. The good ones will provide advice during the cleanse and be available to answer any and all questions you may have along your journey of juicing.

Here are some of my favorites and why…


Breville Juice Fountain Plus — It’s the closest thing to my local juicery, clean and simple to use, separates the pulp, leaving me a lovely glass of yummy goodness.

VitaMix — This is fantastic when I am feeling brave and wanting to chew my juice, which is how we are supposed to drink juice. Very powerful and wonderful for numerous other uses such as making nut milks, nut butters, soups, smoothies, etc.


L.O.V.E. —  The acronym stands for Local Organic Vegetable Express.  They will deliver a customized box of organic produce right to your front door, making juicing ever so simple.

Community Farmers Markets — On any given weekend, as well as certain days during the week, check out your local farmers markets for organic fruits and vegetables.


Kreation Juice —  This juicery has multiple locations on the westside, as well as a truck and a mail order option.  The first 818 location opening in Toluca Lake in June (the Beverly Hills location has a juice ATM). Their juices are 100% organic with veggies and fruits purchased locally for a big selection of  juices, smoothies and tonics.

Totes Juices– This small Sherman Oaks Mom n’ Pop shop (actually owner  Chelsea does it all) is  completely organic with delicious flavor combinations, a happy hour, lots of personalized attention to the customers, kids juices, discounts for bringing your own “tote” and more.  13569 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, (818)789-9700.

Pressed Juicery  —  This Studio City  juicery is the flagship 818 store.  These juices are personalized to your lifestyle, made fresh and packaged daily. Pick them up in store or order them for delivery.   The juices are based in roots, greens and fruits with a variety of price options for cleansing, kits and packages. 13033 Ventura Blvd Studio City, (818) 784-8255.

Whole Foods — This natural market now has fresh juice bars in its stores. Make your own blend or  choose one of their concoctions. 818 locations are in Sherman Oaks (two locations), Tarzana, Woodland Hills and Northridge.

Dove Rose-Grennan is the Owner and Creator of Dove’s Bodies. Feel free to contact Dove with any questions you have. She has been providing classes, private training, nutritional counseling and life coaching for over 27 years and has a deep passion for health, wellness, mindful meditation, yoga and being a good human.  or