Best 5 Workout DVDs for the Mind and Body

For a cheap way to get your ass in gear, nothing beats a workout DVD. Here are our top five picks to give your mind and body a workout, from Dove Rose of Dove’s Bodies gym in North Hollywood. Push aside the couch and get moving!

Budokon Beginning Practice DVD with Cameron Shayne

An exhilarating, unique blend of authentic Japanese and Korean martial arts, power yoga and meditation, this 70-minute DVD lets you create lean muscle minus the bulk. With its high-intensity, low-impact, total-body cardio plus strength training, yoga and mental-focus methods, these easy-to-learn long and short workouts feature the mind-body techniques touted by many Olympic gold-medal winning athletes.

“In yoga and martial arts, it is easy to get caught up in the levels of your practice; what color belt you have, what level yoga you practice, etc. What I love about this DVD is that it reminds us we are always a beginner … Cameron leads you through a very simple yet precise workout incorporating yoga and martial arts. The cues are superb and his personal technique and form are not only beautiful to watch but flawless in their execution,” Rose said.

Rodney Lee's AM/PM Meditation DVD with Rodney Yee and Maritza

Balance your mind daily for peace, harmony and vitality with this great-for-all-levels DVD. Acclaimed meditation instructor Rodney Lee guides you through a gentle, simple warm-up to begin your day, while top meditation teacher Maritza rejuventates your mind in the evening.

“We often focus so much on movement and sweating to stay fit or lose weight that we forget about simply sitting still and being with ourselves, our breath, our foundation. I suggest this simple guided meditation DVD for a nice balance to anyone's workout regime …You will find the little effects of this work trickle into your life just by simply sitting and breathing a few minutes each day,” Rose said.

Mari Winsor's Cardio Pilates DVD

Featuring three complete Pilates workouts and guided instructions for every move, this cardio Pilates DVD from master Pilates instructor Mari Winsor gives Pilates a kick with more power, greater energy and continuous motion. Combining cardio training and stength training rooted in the Pilates method, these customizable workouts will shape your body with a 25-minute classic express choice, a lower body workout and an energy-boosting quick fix option.

“(This DVD) is like having a trainer in the room with you,” Rose said. “Her attention to detail and safe technique is what sets her apart in a world of so many instructors. Her reputation is fantastic and you should feel like you are in good hands as she guides you through this full body workout. I love it because it gets you sweating, which some Pilates workouts don't do.”

Shiva Rea: Yogini

Desgined specifically for women’s creative energy, this dynamic yoga program tones the body and balances the mind through five rejuventating practices. Feel powerful and vibrant while cultivating your inner grace and strenght with a heart-centered practice, a flowing backbend segment, a series of empowering standing poses, and a healing meditation for relaxation.

“You don't have to be advanced in your yoga practice to enjoy her teachings,” Rose said. “She is one of the most renowned yoga instructors we have in the industry. Watching her move is like art, listening to her teach is like poetry and experiencing her class, or this DVD, is a treat for the body, mind and spirit. This experience will leave you feeling thoroughly moved, stretched, calm and serene.”

Mind-Body Workout DVD by Gaiam

Blending Pilates, yoga, cardio and martial arts, this DVD combines three different instructors who guide you through three unique workouts: Cardio Combo, a high-energy cardio blast for your trouble spots; Cardio Burn Yoga, a body-scuplting yoga that boosts metabolism and sheds weight; and Budokon Blast, a firming martial arts program followed by a calming closing meditation.

“Great if you don't want to buy three different DVDs … This is a perfectly balanced experience that is perfect for all levels. I love this DVD because it has an emphasis of the mind-body connection. I feel that all of our movements should be based in a foundation of breath work and connection to the bigger picture, our well being,” Rose said.

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