Thanksgiving Countdown of Giving and Thanking

This holiday season I am going to focus on those two words: thanks and giving. So often this time of year turns into overeating, financial pressure, stress of traveling or visiting family that may drive you crazy and lead to one too many glasses of wine. Or it might bring up some somber memories of … Continued

Self Love

I have a challenge for you. I would like you to commit to giving yourself a gift once a week. Why do we give so much to others but not to ourselves? While we are so committed to our job and our family, why don’t we commit to giving ourselves something special every now and … Continued

How To Practice Guilt-free Indulgence

Imagine this: It’s Friday night, husband is out of town, kids are asleep, dog is curled up at the bottom of the bed, McConnell’s ice cream is calling your name from the freezer. You know, the one that you sort of tucked away hoping no one else would notice and eat it so you could … Continued