I want to look up more.

Care to join me?

Lately I have been very involved in Instagram and Facebook to stay ‘connected’ to people and participate in this world the way it seems to demand of you.  I have moments where I enjoy it immensely and then I delete all my apps and promise myself that I am quitting.  Then a few days go by and I make a really pretty salad and I think, ‘oooh, this would make a great post’ and I’m off again down the rabbit hole.

My challenge is that I do feel there is a lot of positive benefit to being ‘connected’ in this way.  However I have always had a hard time doing something that doesn’t resonate with all of me and this simply isn’t; or at least isn’t at the moment.

I want to look up more
I want to have my hands free of gadgets.
I want to live my life and not record it.
I want to be engaged in a way that is tactile and breath oriented.
I want to think less about hashtags and filters and clever remarks.
I want to notice the sky and stay present with noticing the sky and not take a picture of it.

A dear friend of mine told me that it is the way of the world now and it is important to have your brand have an image in social media.  I guess this is what I struggle with; that word, brand.  I know I have built my business for almost 30 years now, around my teachings, me.  But I don’t have the incentive to ‘brand’ myself.  Actually it sounds like a disconnect if you ask me.  I don’t want to be ‘branded’.