December Show and Tell

I hope you are having a lovely day and taking really good care of yourself. I just returned from Boulder and want to let you know about a great new item I found which I have added to my boutique. I also will be traveling next week so be sure to check the schedule note below. My husband and I stayed with a dear friend of mine in Boulder, Colorado; we had a restful and marvelous time. Nature blessed us with a gentle, white Thanksgiving; I absolutely love the snow. Being an L.A. girl I don’t get to see it much. Whenever I get the chance, I jump right in.

A funny thing happened to me when I returned. As much as I love everything about Boulder; what’s not to love, right? I found myself falling back in love with my city more than ever before. The lights seem more colorful, the people more complex, nature is brighter, everything is more alive and I am appreciating my moments with a deeper sense of awareness. Sometimes all we need is to step away to be able to see the brightness of our daily surroundings. I love L.A.! I love this growth of consciousness that is occurring within our community. I love the influx of new restaurants and boutique ice cream shops, coffee houses, juice bars, and other small businesses. I feel surrounded by more and more like minded individuals and I love it!

What do you love about your city? What local businesses do you support? How do you touch nature everyday?

Below I list some of my new favs. Go check them out and welcome them to our neighborhood. For those of you who aren’t in the local Studio City area, go find what’s new in your hood. I like reading Eater ( and keeping current on all the new openings in my city. Go support your local Mom and Pop businesses and shop small this holiday season.

Studio City Newbies

•Juice Served Here-yay!

•Sweet Rose Creamery-yum!

•McConnell’s Ice Cream

•Alfred Coffee-coming soon right next to McConnell’s

•Salt & Straw Ice Cream-omg!

(Thank goodness for Juice Served Here because we are going to need juice cleanses after all this ice cream!) ;)

•Pergolina in Toluca Lake

Pergolina deserves to be mentioned even though it isn’t new at all. It has actually been my favorite boutique for over 25 years. A wonderful woman named Paulanna, whom I feel blessed to have known since I was a teenager, owns this magical little shop. If you are looking to do some holiday shopping, or any kind of shopping at all for that matter, please put this on your list of local businesses to support. She is a special human and I love her very much. I know you will love her shop as well. She has unique items and such a diverse selection, you will find something for everyone. Tell her I said hi! :)

Every month I will be sharing a new goodie with you that I find on my journeys. I will also be sharing local shops to support and other new happenings I discover. One of my absolute favorite things to do is sharing new finds with loved ones. So here’s to a wonderful new experience I am calling ‘Show & Tell’.

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DECEMBER’S SHOW & TELL RITUALS FOR LIVING DREAMBOOK + PLANNER AVAILABLE NOW I am so excited about this new product, Rituals For Living Dreambook & Planner. The owners of a local spa in Boulder designed these two amazing books. This will make a wonderful gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. I just started using mine and I already notice a shift occurring in my life. The Dreambook + Planner is a place for you to dream, craft, and forge new rituals. It helps you to clarify and emphasize your true priorities, and establish a plan to bring them to the forefront of your life. There are two books available; one is a dreambook and one is a dreambook and planner. The planner is a full year planner, beginning December 2015. Both items are available at my studio or I can ship them to you or a loved one on your behalf. Email me to place a mail order. Or come in to the studio and pick one up at your next workout. Dreambook $35/Dreambook + Planner $45 (plus tax and shipping, if applicable)

“Healing is the journey. The destination is our self. The full recognition of all the different aspects of our self — our joy, our sorrow, our pain, our pleasure….all lead us to the source of who we are. Only by having intimate contact with this source can we experience the fullness of our life. Only by fearlessly looking within can we embrace the landscape of our life and open our self completely to all the love and compassion that lives inside us” ― Angie Karan