Kitchen Detox and Mindful Eating

As I came home from the farmer’s market the other day I had a flashback of my mother’s kitchen.  My counter was overflowing with fresh, organic produce and my pantry was stocked with mason jars filled with nuts and seeds, legumes and grains and suddenly it hit me, it looked exactly like hers did when I was a child.  She grew her own vegetables, juiced vegetable juice with her Champion Juicer, that I still use to this day, there was always a bowl of almonds soaking in the refrigerator to make fresh almond milk. She baked her own bread from sprouted grains she sprouted herself.  My favorite thing was her homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream; by vanilla I mean banana, by chocolate I mean banana with carob, and by ice cream I mean frozen bananas put through the Champion Juicer.  It was delicious and what a treat it was when she made it for me, which wasn’t that often due to the high sugar of bananas; that I was aware of at quite a young age. :)

I didn’t appreciate it at the time but my mother, unbeknownst to her, was teaching me the foundations of health and wellness.  She intuitively knew what to do and why.  As she continued along her path as a healer it became more obvious that her intuition was bathed in intuitive wisdom and a deep knowledge of the science of nutrition and mindful living.

I often smile as I am in the kitchen making something to eat and I realize it is something my mother used to make or if I am using her juicer, I feel like I am channeling her wisdom.  I feel blessed and honored to be her daughter and I love that my path allows me to play in this sandbox of mindful eating, moving, living and breathing.

One of my favorite things to do with clients is to get into their kitchens.  Many of us don’t even know what we have in our pantry and refrigerator.  I love showing people that they already have the ingredients for mindful eating they just need to put it into action.  I won’t lie to you, I also love finding things that have no business being in their kitchen at all, helping them understand why and replacing it with foods that sustain life; not deplete it.

After I have completed my kitchen detox at a client’s home they say they immediately feel better when they open their pantry door because they know that whatever they are going to put in their mouth is going to be good for them.  I help them take the guessing out of what to eat.

If you are interested in having me over for some kitchen detox this is what I can do for you.  I will help you address the patterns that shape your food choices; investigating hormones, energy, digestion, mood, sleep patterns, skin and much more.  I will plan a balanced way of eating that supports your lifestyle; we all have different needs and we can’t necessarily eat like our partner, kids, or even how we used to eat when we were younger.  I will detox your refrigerator and pantry; ridding your kitchen of what shouldn’t be there and bringing in what should.  I will assist you with your grocery shopping to help bring awareness to your food choices.  I will help you create a program so you can prep the food you need for the week and create a kitchen that supports your specific needs and schedule.  I will assist you with any dietary concerns, find delicious non-dairy choices, ‘flexitarian’ support if you are trying to cut back on animal products, and much more.
I love that my work allows me to help others be more conscious and that it is something more and more people are open to.  Our community is beginning to raise it’s consciousness as well.  We are getting more like-minded organic restaurants, juice bars, boutique shops with fair-trade, locally made products and people are wanting to pay more attention like I do.

I encourage you to go eat something delicious.  Here are the only rules:
•it came from the earth
•it is organic
•and you eat it mindfully without multi tasking…simply eat. :)

Bon appetit!


Thoroughly understanding and appreciating our food—and the role it plays in our lives, both individually and as a society—is incredibly important if we want to know ourselves.