Humans Helping Humans

Hello dear ones, I hope you are having a lovely evening and taking good care of yourself.


I met two beautiful humans last night who have fallen upon hard times and are living on the streets in Sherman Oaks.  We got together at Starbucks today for a few hours to see how I can be of service to them.


I am attempting to assist them in getting their lives back and reunite them back with their children, who are living in Arizona right now, help them get back to Arizona, set up in a program their and receiving the care and support they deserve.


They told me I was the first person who looked at them and talked to them like they were normal, in over two years living on the streets.  I told them they ARE NORMAL and deserve to be seen, witnessed and loved just as much as we all do.  Their hearts opened and my heart has expanded more in the past 24 hours than I knew it could.


They have touched my soul with their humility, kindness, gratitude and willingness to receive help from a complete stranger, me.  This is just a start but it is an important one.


They are powerless at this time and the system is set up in such a way that there is nothing they can do and they want to do the right thing.  There are so many catch 22’s with this it is truly amazing.


My eyes have been opened in such a way that I don’t think they can ever close to the delicate stories behind each person we see living on the streets.  I am so grateful I stopped to talk to this lovely couple last night at Hugo’s tacos.  They have changed my life.


Thank you for your constant support of everything I do everyone.  You are always with me as I walk through life.


Love you.