Love Yourself

Take the time to take good care of yourself.  We love others so well. How do we love ourselves; what does it look like to love yourself? How do you love yourself? When was the last time you hugged your heart? Now it is time for some ‘me time’ with my tea, myrrh, frankinsence and … Continued

Reiki Session

My favorite part of traveling is my private Airport Reiki. I always request a pat down at security and I consider it my own personal Reiki session; I love it. It calms me, grounds me, the sense of touch from another human, a pause in the hurry of travel; it is a gift. Try it … Continued

Stop Scrolling Through Life, Live it…

Many people say to me, quite often, that they can’t stop watching the news or they are so stressed, worried, overwhelmed, etc. with the state of our nation. I want to remind us all that even though there are areas of our country, world and global consciousness, that need attention, enlightening and radical healing, it … Continued

Act of Kindness

The other day my dear friend and I played the ‘go to the grocery store and randomly surprise someone and buy their groceries for them’ game. I love doing this and the look on their face is always priceless, as well as those around them. It is like a wave of shock due to a … Continued


This transformed me, it was so powerful. I watched it and cried. Then I watched it again. Then I transcribed the entire scene because I wanted to be able to go back to it again and again in life. Important words. RECTIFY Daniel walks into room. Avery is present. Avery is the man who runs … Continued

Valentines Day, my hubby and a salad!

You know you’ve grown up when you’re happy with Gelson’s salad bar and AppleTV for a romantic Valentine’s evening with your love. Happy hubby. Happy wife. Happy life.

When Life Seems Heavy

Inhale deeply. Exhale slowly. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Yes, even when life seems heavy. Especially when life seems heavy. Find the beauty out there; it’s actually pretty easy.

Go for Coffee, get a Husband

I love this man. Looking back through photos tonight of our dating years. I am reminded of our initial connection and am so grateful to be here now with him. You never know who you are going to meet in line getting coffee. Stay open. Be present. Put your cell phone away. Look up. Smile. … Continued


Sisterhood. An important word. I am proud to be part of a Sisterhood. My life is fuller than it’s ever been. How do you expand in your world; let the love in, find your edges and then get a little bigger? What stretches your consciousness?