Hard night.

Creating sacred space at UCLA. Amethyst from Ireland from our dear friend Mairead, Mala beads, our traveling Buddha My poor love is having a bit of a hard time right now, please up the prayers everyone. First bout of nausea and a little fever. The nurse says it is common with what he has gone … Continued

Fourth night

Well, here we are embarking upon our fourth evening at the hospital. He is experiencing a little less discomfort. The nasogastric intubation is working away and alleviating some of his nausea; he still needs medication for it. He did get up today and walk down the hallway, which was fantastic!! Emy, thank you so much … Continued


Emmett receiving healing that he so deserves for how hard he loves us all. This is his time to receive now; his time to let us shower him with love and light. Thanks to an angel who is sitting with Emmett now I was able to take a few minutes and get some air and … Continued

Thankful for compassion

While in Maddie’s room, we basically set up this circle of love, friendship, community, food and comfort while we waited. Everyone brought delicious, healthy food because we knew we would be there a while. Not only did we bring food but we REALLY brought food; wooden bowls with quinoa veggie salad, vegan tomato soup, herb … Continued

Take care of yourself to help others

Good morning loved ones. Looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces in class this morning. Thank you for keeping me balanced. My husband is very happy that I am at work taking care of myself as well as him. I didn’t know I could fall more in love than I already was but alas, it … Continued

Thank you nurse Natalie and friends

I got the okay from my favorite nurse Natalie, and my new BFF, to bring in my yummy, organic, healthy version of hospital jello, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, sorbet, and popsicles. Wowza, they like the sugar here don’t they? I brought him some veggie broth, pomegranate juice, lemonade and coconut water. All healing, re-building elixirs. … Continued


My dear friend and I just showered him with a duo cranial-sacral session with essential oils; he is quite spoiled here with our tribe. He is now relaxing doing a guided meditation. He is up and about on his own. He has walked a few laps around the hospital wing and they have lowered his … Continued

Be wise with your body.

Good morning angels. Emmett is doing well. He got about four hours of sleep and we are still resting here and there in between pop-ins from nurses, who are all amazing by the way. All his vitals are great. He says he is in no pain, thanks to the epidural that will be in a … Continued

Dreaming of organic jello

Emmett says hi to everyone!!! Thanks for the love! As you can see, we have moved in… and we will be happy to move out as soon as he is allowed.  Who knew two syllables could make my husband so happy. Jello has now been allowed. He is now allowed clear liquids and jello. I only … Continued

On the mend.

We are settled into his room now and he is doing well. It was a long procedure and he is coming off of a lot of drugs but he is doing just fine. Emmett has a good pain protocol set and is using it wisely. I have surrounded him with my crystals, Buddha, mala beads, … Continued