Cooking; easier than you think!

Zoodles! My new favorite thing. Thanks to The Spiralizer, I made my vegan hubby Zasta!

Couldn’t be happier as a vegan. Taking the time to create the masterpiece is half the fun of eating well.

Ta-da! It was so delicious!!! Zuchinni noodles with braised greens kalecollard greensolive oilpepper flakes, raoshomemade sauce favorite pasta sauce period! I pimp it out like Jamie Oliver taught me. I start with onion a lot of garlic basil oregeno hot pepper flakes and then add sauce and simmer for 20 minutes. Toss zucchini spirals in hot pan with olive oil, salt and pepper for a few minutes. Serve with a little vegan parmesan and

Get a big bowl, fill it with the most beautiful, organic mixed greens, add avocado, tomatocucumberpumpkinseeds,  and a whole lotta love. I improvised and came up with a new, yummy, creamy, lemon dressing. Kitehill foods almond yogurtlemon zestlemon juice, braggsacv health, apple cider vinegarsaltpepperevohoney SO GOOD!! Voila! Dinner is served.

This honestly took me five minutes to prep and about five minutes to make. Sauce simmers for 20 minutes while I watched The Path on Hulu put on a plate and enjoyed! One of my favorites for sure.