Morning rituals

Oh how we need to love and honor these bodies. Today’s share is about our mouth and what we need to do to pay attention to it’s needs. Morning ritual Brush teeth with davids natural toothpaste sulfate free flouride free is a must! Then use tongue scraper,  water pik filled with fountain of truth spring water raw water and then I gargle with my favorite, homemade mouthwash raw water and essential oilsyoung living. Peppermintthieves essential oilorangelemontangerinelimerosemarythyme,digizetea tree oilgrapefruit, braggs acv health and salt Voila!

Next, breakfast anyone? How do you start your day? Loving Kindness Smoothie 2 cups water, 1 Banana, Handful Strawberries, Handful Frozen Wild Blueberries woodstock foods , 4 T Coconut Milk Chia Pudding, 4 T purity proteinhealth force Blend and top with some fresh strawberries and coconut. Happy Sunday Everyone!