Mady’s Room.

Hello Healing Tribe,

I am at the hospital, in Maddie’s Waiting room, which is so sweet as that is our sweet dog’s name who is no longer with us so I feel as if I am being hugged by the walls from our dear Mady.

We arrived this morning at 8:45 and checked in at Ronald Regan UCLA in Westwood. He had all his vitals taken; everything was perfect. He has the best team here; they are all so lovely. He had an epidural put in, which I did not know was going to happen so I was a bit freaked out but he was fine. Then we have about twelve other people come and talk to us and test this, that and the other. The surgeon and anesthesiologists came to discuss his ‘cocktails’ and then they wheeled him off for surgery. He looks so cute in his purple robe and purple socks.

He is in great spirits, is calm as can be, very positive and still maintaining his usual sense of humor in every moment that passes.

A dear friend sent all of his doctors’ a care package of vegan cupcakes so they have all been appropriately bribed with yumminess. The surgeon came in very happy this morning thanking us for the cupcakes.

I am sitting here with two of our dearest friends who have taken the time out of their lives to be present throughout this five hour surgery. I feel blessed to share space with them right now as they are grounding me and keeping me positive.

I will keep you posted as I know more.

Thank you for all your support over the past six weeks. We are so grateful to you.

Big hug.
Love and blessings.