Settling in.

Surgery is over. It was a long procedure and Emmett is coming off of a lot of drugs but he is doing just fine.We are settled into his room now and he is doing well. The surgeon said it went well. He will come by tomorrow to speak with us in greater detail.

Emmett has a good pain protocol set and is using it wisely. He is his normal loving self but is in a significant amount of pain. They are taking good care of him. He has an epidural also. I’m doing my best but this is hard for me to see him like this. He is my rock and right now my love is in pain and I just love him so. Thank you for all your prayers and love.

I have surrounded him with my crystals, Buddha, mala beads, essential oils and a whole lotta love. I just washed his face and he did his breathing exercises that the nurse told him to do to help his lungs.

Although it is so hard for me to see my rock in this condition I know that he will be fine and he needs to learn how to surrender and allow all of us to take care of him now; something he usually does for everyone around him.

Thank you for holding me up during this and for loving us both so fiercely. It is a wonder to witness this human that I get to go through life with, go through this experience with such grace, humor, and kindness.

He sends his love and is laying here smiling as he is finally ready to go to sleep.

Many thanks for all the prayers. Please keep them coming for his recovery and life force to be strong.