Thank you for all your love and support during this time.

Over a month ago my beloved husband, Emmett, had a routine colonoscopy and they discovered cancer cells in a polyp.

Today we are at Ronald Regan UCLA Westwood for the colectomy; he is in surgery now. We will be here for 3-5 days.

We are both so grateful for this wake-up call that Emmett has received so that he may live a long and healthy life. Since the diagnosis he has lost nine pounds and became a vegan. He has given up all sugar, gluten, coffee, dairy, all animal products and has begun a formal meditation practice, added in workouts and a more balanced reaction to daily stressors; I couldn’t be more proud of this man!

He heard the Universe and reacted with honor, respect and humility. I am in awe of his bravery, good humor, kind-heart, willingness and vulnerability. We have had some rough conversations over the past month and he has shown me, every time, what it looks like to rise up when life calls upon you to listen, pay attention and show up. I couldn’t be more in love with this man that I get to call my husband; for he is my teacher, my best friend and the light on this path called life.

We both love you and thank you. Please keep him in your prayers.
Love and blessings.