Excited for yummy organic treats!

I got the okay from my favorite nurse Natalie, and my new BFF, to bring in my yummy, organic, healthy version of hospital jello, Ocean Spray cranberry juice, sorbet, and popsicles. Wowza, they like the sugar here don’t they?

I brought him some veggie broth, pomegranate juice, lemonade and coconut water. All healing, re-building elixirs. This makes me so happy…and Emmett was thrilled! He is now so into this dietary nutrition he actually wanted the healthy stuff. Again, I am so frickin proud of this man.

Emmett is receiving an energy healing session right now from our dear friend Sharon and he is sooooooooo happy. 🙂 It is touching his heart and soul to receive all this loving kindness from our tribe. Thank you Sharon, for coming and spending time with us and sharing your light and love with this man we all love oh so much.