Thankful for compassion

While in Maddie’s room, we basically set up this circle of love, friendship, community, food and comfort while we waited. Everyone brought delicious, healthy food because we knew we would be there a while.

Not only did we bring food but we REALLY brought food; wooden bowls with quinoa veggie salad, vegan tomato soup, herb tea in mason jar with gorgeous pottery cups, cloth napkins, silverware, truffles, kale chips, cashew cheese, veggies, kombucha, and snacks galor. Every morsel was delicious.

Then I find out the next day that evidently there was a sign that said, ‘NO FOOD OR DRINKS PLEASE’.

I guess they chose to let us be and I am so grateful because the love in all the homemade vegan food we shared was such a gift during such a delicate time for me.

It was a lovely focal point within all the unknowns of that day; to be able to share nourishment in sangha was an honor.