To the love of my life

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life.

He had a better night last night; thank goodness! Sorry it has been a while since my last update. There has been a lot to do and I decided to spend some time at home today to take care of some things while he spent some time by himself, his request. I totally get it. Plus, he is being so sweet and worried about me and wanting me to take care of myself. It is amazing how doing laundry, cleaning the house, watering the lawn, taking a bath and making food in my kitchen and using actual silverware and not plastic ware can really recharge the Spirit. It was the best anniversary gift he could have given me. 🙂

Now, on to what you really want to know about…Emmett. His nausea is much better, still a little but much improved. He didn’t sleep much last night but that is to be expected with all that is going on; even with the help of Benadryl he didn’t get a good night’s rest. He is sleeping now.

He went on three walks today; two on his own, one with me. He got up to use the restroom on his own. He has been receiving some extra fluids as he was/is a little dehydrated and low in electrolytes. They gave him potassium and magnesium. The doctors came this morning and said that isn’t surprising due to the nasal gastric intubation because that is pumping his stomach basically and it is pulling electrolytes out as well. Doctor says he might be able to have the NG tube taken out tomorrow. Also, his white cell count is higher, so his UTI is better. Most importantly his spirits are a bit better today. It is slow, but considering what he just went through I am impressed with his resilience.

Thank you for those of you who came by, dropped off goodies for our anniversary and who continue to be there for us both. Thank you to those who have really encouraged me to take extra good care of myself; I have been listening.

More to come.