Staying postitive

Today we have another little bend in the road. They are concerned he may have C. Diff so they are doing a test to see. We won’t know for 24 hours. The nurses and I now have to wear gowns and gloves in the room with him.

We got the result of the X-ray just now and although it is improved since the other day they don’t want to take him off the NG tube yet; maybe tomorrow. Everyone keeps saying this is all standard but boy does none of this feel standard to me.

Some of you have been so kind as to reach out to me to see if you can come visit, not only is he not to have visitors because his energy needs to be solely focused on healing, he is now on isolation until test results come back so zero visitors, except me of course.

Emmett and I feel it is best for all that love to start being showered upon him once he gets home and is in the next stage of his recovery. We just want to get him out of here as quickly as possible so he doesn’t start picking up bacteria from the hospital.

He is staying positive, his spirits are good, he is optimistic–as always. For those of you who are lucky enough to know him personally, you know how he is. He is calming me down. How ridiculous is that?

Thank you for your radical love and kindness during this everyone.

The good news of the day is Emmett did three walks around the wing, on his own, and the nurses said if he does three then he gets a wheelchair and can go outside.

They brought us a wheelchair and I was able to take him downstairs and out into this lovely eating area where we sat in the sun for about twenty minutes. He started to cry, I asked him ‘what are you feeling?” He said, ‘It just feels so good to feel the sun on my face.”

I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful image in my life: my husband in a wheelchair, with a foley, a NG tube, an IV stand, in a sexy hospital robe and a blanket over his shoulders, tilting his head back with his eyes closed, crying in the sensation of the sun.

I am grateful for the moment. I brought him back up to the room and then he did yet another lap around the wing and now he is resting in bed watching some TV. I am sitting in the waiting area catching up on emails and having something to eat.

Debating on spending an evening at home to get some sleep but I also don’t want to leave him alone in the evening when it is the hardest for him. He wants me to go home though because he is worried about me so I might just do that in order for him to stay focused on himself and not be extending his healing energy towards worry about me.

More to come…