Don’t wait for symptoms…

I want to take a moment to remind you all to get your routine colonoscopy. Emmett getting his saved his life, literally. If he hadn’t had gone when he did the cancer could have been much more advanced. I know many people put it off, don’t want to drink the prep, are anxious about the procedure, etc., but you know what is worse than all of that? Not getting a procedure that lasts an hour or so every so many years and dying early or having to go through horrible surgeries and/or treatment. Point being, just do it. Don’t wait for symptoms, don’t wait for someone’s story, like Emmett’s, to remind you how important it is, just do it.

I have heard so many life-saving stories about this test so please pay attention to these glorious bodies we reside in and take care of them.

These are the two doctors Emmett saw and we love them both.
Dr. Bencharit/UCLA Santa Clarita
(661) 253-7953

Dr. Watson/UCLA Westwood
(310) 267-3636