Telepathic love

Unfortunately the test was positive for C. Diff.
Luckily they aren’t worried about me getting it because my immune system isn’t compromised but we are still holding strong to the no visitors so send all your love telepathically.

They are putting him on a dose of antibiotics for two weeks.

The good news is his nasal gastral intubation is putting out gastric instead of bilious juices, which the doctor said is good. They unhooked the NG tube from the suction machine and are now attaching it to a gravity bag, like a little pouch that hangs from the tube to simulate what his body would do without the tube in him. If he does well today with that and does not experience nausea then they will remove the tube this afternoon and he can take in minute amounts of clear liquids. Thank God!

The other good news is he didn’t experience any anxiety last night and was able to sleep some. This makes my heart happy because seeing him disoriented and panicked has been so hard. We had a lovely evening of sleep, nurse coming in to bath him, sleep, nurse coming in to take vitals, sleep, getting up to use the restroom, which is quite an ordeal with everything he has attached to him, sleep, ‘vampire’ coming to take blood, that is the phlebotomist, a little more sleep, doctor’s rounds, a little more sleep, and now he is up and on his first walk of the day, and now some more sleep. Yay Emmett!!!