The tube is out!

I am home. It feels so strange to be here while he is there but he told me to and everyone has told me to, so I listened.

I just got a text from him with this handsome picture of his beautiful face free of the NG tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The tube is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled!!!!!!

I gasped and wanted to jump in my car but he told me to stay and rejuvenate for a bit so I am going listen to my husband and do what he said; even though he is under the influence of heavy narcotics, he still knows best. Tomorrow they may take out epidural and catheter out. Prayers working! Emmett’s body is listening.


I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all of you for being with me during this. Some of you have been here in the flesh, others here on FB from afar. Having this space to go to at any hour of the day or night has been so therapeutic for me.

This experience has been filled with a lot of isolation for me when I am sitting in the room with him not able to truly engage with my best friend/love of my life due to what he is going through, not able to talk on the phone with many people because I don’t want to do so while in the room with him and I don’t want to leave the room so I am left with FB, texting and emails.

Having this community has given me the connection with other humans that I needed to stay tethered to something outside these four walls, this hospital, this story.

I appreciate each and every one of you; every word you have shared with me has landed deeply on my heart and soul and filled me with love, light and courage to keep going.

Thank you to all of ‘Emmett’s friends and family’; although you are all my friends and family too, it has been so healing for me to feel your love and support throughout this. Over this past month you have all loved me in the same fierce manner and made me feel like your sister. Especially having all this beautiful, strong, male energy supporting me when I didn’t have my husband’s beautiful, strong, male energy holding me up because he was busy holding himself up.

I love you all and am grateful to know each and every one of you out there who is holding us in your hearts and prayers.