Things are looking up!

Good morning everyone,

We slept last night!! Except for all the nurses coming in to do stuff, it was pretty uneventful. It’s so funny though, the nurse comes in to change his antibiotic or draw blood or something and all of of a sudden I hear Emmett talking to the nurse about Sugar Fish and Katsuya in Studio City and what area we live in. I am amazed that the nurses actually start a conversation with him in the middle of the night; let him sleep; sneak in the room, do your thing and then sneak out. I smiled as I tried to continue sleeping through their Studio City restaurant review. He is so polite; I would have just pretended I was asleep until they leave the room. That’s my Emmett.

The doctors just came and said they will remove the dietary restriction and move him forward. They brought him a tray of cream of wheat, orange juice, applesauce and a cup of coffee with two sugars; amazing! Not much for nutritional awareness here but whatever. As long as he can tolerate it and we can get out of here I am happy. He is doing small spoonfuls of the cream of wheat and the applesauce. Emmett is being very wise, he is still only doing thimbles of clear liquid still and not rushing it with the food, and since he still has IV of fluids he is getting everything he needs.

They are going to start him on around the clock oral Tylenol and introduce oral oxycontin, starting at 5mg and he has the option to go to 10mg or 15 mg but we are starting slow to see how he tolerates it. This is what he will be going home with as well.

They will take out the epidural and catheter sometime today. The doctor says if all of the above goes well then we can go home as early as tomorrow!!!! OMG!!! Thank goodness!

Things are moving forward and we are so happy and so grateful. I am going to work for a few hours. Although I don’t like leaving him I feel that he is in a much better place and he will probably fare better with me not present when they take the epidural out. I am being a good wife and doing what my husband tells me.

We still don’t know test results; could be today or Monday. Continue your loving prayers please.

One of the hardest things about this is I can’t touch him, hug him and hold him because of all the tubes and stuff and the C. Diff. I have to be in a robe and wear gloves and that sort of ruins the energy I receive when I touch him; something happens when I touch this man, he just fills me up. The other night I laid on the bed with him for the first time with a towel separating us and I just wanted to hold him but couldn’t. After a few moments of this awkward attempt at closeness he pulled a tissue out of the tissue box and placed it over my hand and then placed his hand on mine, I melted into him at that moment and cried.