Home away from home

The night nurse just walked in and said ‘I feel like I’m walking into someone’s home, my other patient’s rooms sure aren’t like this.’ Emmett said, ‘Yeah, my wife likes to make it comfortable for me with things from home.’

Hearing that made me feel so good because in this environment I wasn’t sure if it really was making an impact on him with all he had going on. The air diffuser was the best thing I brought; the room has had a lovely peppermint spa feel to it, which is frickin’ hard to make happen in this setting. I sleep on the couch right under the window and I stare up at the sky at night while I listen to my husband breathe and the hum of all the machines in the room. I look up at my little collection of healing energy and love that is basked in the sun all day.

There has been one bright, big star in the night sky every night. I think it’s my mom.

I brought my most powerful crystals, that I could carry, my favorite Mexican blanket, my pillow, Owlie, my stuffed owl, and I put out some photos for him to see me, our love and what is waiting at home for him.

I may have found a new calling of hospital room styling.

This was the best advice I received from my dear friends Liz and Ian; thank you. Having these few things has made being here tolerable for me and keep reminding me of who I am, who we are and where we come from. Thank you for my check list of what to bring to this place so I could breathe.

Hopefully I will be packing them all up soon!

Emmett tolerated the liquids today, which makes me so happy. Thank you for all the prayers and reiki love.

Prayers for a peaceful evening and restful sleep.

Thank you everyone.
Love. Love. Love.