Home sweet home

Wow, it feels so surreal to leave my house and go to the grocery store and know that my husband is resting at home instead of in that hospital room. I am so thankful for this small but powerful sensation of peace that is washing over me knowing that when I’m done going grocery shopping I get to drive home, open our door, and see his beautiful face.

The lovely Emmett is resting comfortably on our couch with a wedge pillow supporting his back from one of our angels, Tracey, sipping some yummy coconut water brought to us by another angel, Andrew. He is watching Star Wars and relaxing. He is home; my love is home with me. I am filled with gratitude and comfort knowing that he is on the road to recovery.

Okay, now the challenge of creating a low-fiber, organic, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free diet for my love; that he actually enjoys. I guess I am trained for this with my line of work but I admit, this is hard. I am so concerned about hurting him. I don’t want him to eat anything that will cause him pain or discomfort. Thank goodness for veggie broth, plant based protein powder and applesauce for now. Wish me luck everyone. I hope his colon heals beautifully so he can introduce a healthy, balanced diet in the next month or so. I am just so happy to be sitting next to him right now as we watch TV. He is a little altered from the medication but so far doing really well on Tylenol and CBD. Praying his pain numbers don’t climb and we can stay in front of this without too much heavy meds. Thanks for all your support with this everyone. I have been told by many loved ones that once he comes home it can get tough so I am trying to stay as organized and prepared as I can to help him though this.

Prayers for his healing, for his wellness and for clear pathology report.


Ahhhh, to be sitting here on the couch looking at the love of my life, while listening to the sound of the rain…does it get better than this? I think not.

Thank you everyone for your love and support during this transition time. Coming home to all of your love and goodies for my husband made his home coming even more joyful.

He was able to take it all in today and felt so loved. He kept saying, ‘Wow, people are so kind.’ I loved witnessing him practicing the art of receiving.

We are settled in now and I have all the medications organized and planned out. I am trying to shift his dosing so he isn’t up at all hours taking meds. It sucks that they do that to him while in the hospital but now that he is out I want him to sleep longer and experience some REM.

The fridge is stocked, the house is prepped for whatever room he wants to be in he has what he needs at arm’s reach. I think I am figuring out his diet. Thankfully it is only for a few weeks. Today he had more food. I made him toast with coconut butter, nut butter and banana, applesauce, pomegranate juice and peppermint tea. Then he wanted to go to the farmer’s market and we had rice balls. Thank you Carol, you made him so happy. He savored every bite.

It was the most mindful walk through the market. We were so grounded and present with each step. My steps were mindful of his body and surroundings so he was physically safe around a larger crowd of people. His steps were mindful because he was taking everything in, as if for the first time; the smells, the colors, the people, the sounds, all of it. We are both quite present with the gift that is the now, for this we are both quite grateful.

Luckily this Indica has completely helped him with his pain. We have managed to only need Tylenol OTC and Indica with only one dose of Oxy and he was able to only need 1/2 of one 5mg dose. I am quite hopeful that we can stay on top of his pain with this approach. We hopefully will hear from the doctor tomorrow with the test results, please continue praying for a positive outcome.

Bless you all and please go enjoy your loves and love what you enjoy.

We love you.