A mindful ‘patient’ who is so patient

I am so happy to be sitting in Nicky‘s waiting room while my husband is resting on her table receiving his first acupuncture treatment. I am such a believer in the healing power of this so I know what a gift this session is for his body. Thank you Nicky; for the love and healing, and for the seeds in my ears to help me be the best care giver I can be.

Emmett is doing well. He is eating a bit more and taking walks around our neighborhood. We haven’t had to use the pain medication so we are so thankful for alternative medicine. Thank God for Indica, essential oils, and a positive, clear body and mind.

He is moving slowly and really honoring his body, which is so beautiful to witness. He is sleeping well at night with only a few moments of discomfort here and there that usually subside with a few deep breaths or a few drops of indica.

His senses are super heightened right now so it is so fun to be out in nature with him as he absorbs the rays of the sun on his skin, smells the fragrance of the blooming star jasmine and feels the gentle breeze caress his flesh. It is like walking with a true zen master who is present in every moment and of every sensation. He is my teacher. I am often rambling about something we need to do, or be careful of, or asking him what number his pain is at. He just looks at me and says, ‘Let’s just be on this walk right now honey.’  I smile and hold his hand and feel the sun, smell the star jasmine and sense the breeze washing over us both. Thank you Emmett, for being such a mindful ‘patient’ who is so patient and wise; even with this.