Nature is in us

When my husband was in the hospital I would run home quickly to shower or handle some business on my way to work and then rush back to be with him.

I had prepped some food for my hospital stay with him and one thing I prepped was cut up celery. I remember that celery will regenerate itself if allowed to so I put it in a bowl with a little water and left it there. Every day I came home and looked at it I would see a new growth; a new leaf, a new stalk sprouting up.

As I was experiencing a grand amount of fear and anxiety about my husband’s health, I would see this celery and see nature’s ability to heal itself after being cut, to generate new life, to grow and thrive. I used that as my anchor during this time.

I would remind myself that with each passing moment there is new cell growth, tissue heals, life pulse through nature at all times, allowing for healing and re-growth. I would remember that we are nature and nature is in us.

I am so grateful to this celery, as it was my teacher during this trying time; my light, my dharma. Teachers are everywhere.