New skin care line

I have fallen in love with a new skin care line, May Lindstrom. I couldn’t be happier with how I resonate with this line. I am so grateful to an angel, Sara, for introducing me to them.

I decided to email them and let them know how much I love their products, philosophy, integrity, etc.. Since my mother’s passing I have focused on Self-care in a way like I never have before. What I put in my body, on my body, around my body, really matters to me. The consciousness and the vibration of the products I use and the people who make the products I use, is something I pay very close attention to. I always have to a degree, but now more than ever.

I shared with them that since the loss of my mother due to her suicide, I am calmed by simple things such as a purely organic meal prepared by people who care about what we eat and our planet, or putting on a facial masque that is 100% natural and safe to use (or even eat) without any fears of what my body is absorbing. It all matters greatly to me because my body matters greatly to me, being alive really matters to me and how I feel while I reside in this physical body really matters.

I just received an email back from the company and it just so happened to come from a woman who was so touched by my email that she chose to open up and share with me as well. She told me that her life was also touched by suicide; her husband’s father took his life and they were the two people who discovered him. She supported me on my journey of healing and a life focused on Self-care and Self-love. She told me about her journey and thanked me for being so open with mine, which allowed her to be open as well.

I believe we are all here to be a mirror for each other, to be a support, a light, a guide in some way. We may not know what that something is at the time, or ever really, but just knowing that there is a reason is enough for me.

I will continue to always share my story, speak my truth, honor my life and those around me that impact my life. My mother always told me, ‘Whatever you do, always tell the truth.’ This is my truth.

Love to all.