Things are looking up!

Good morning everyone, We slept last night!! Except for all the nurses coming in to do stuff, it was pretty uneventful. It’s so funny though, the nurse comes in to change his antibiotic or draw blood or something and all of of a sudden I hear Emmett talking to the nurse about Sugar Fish and … Continued

The tube is out!

I am home. It feels so strange to be here while he is there but he told me to and everyone has told me to, so I listened. I just got a text from him with this handsome picture of his beautiful face free of the NG tube!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tube is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled!!!!!! … Continued

Don’t wait for symptoms…

I want to take a moment to remind you all to get your routine colonoscopy. Emmett getting his saved his life, literally. If he hadn’t had gone when he did the cancer could have been much more advanced. I know many people put it off, don’t want to drink the prep, are anxious about the … Continued


As we lay here in the hospital for the sixth evening I am feeling a wave of emotion coming over me. I know my husband will be fine, but I am fearful. We still have the pathology results coming in on Thursday or Friday as well as he is going to try oral pain medication … Continued

Telepathic love

Unfortunately the test was positive for C. Diff. Luckily they aren’t worried about me getting it because my immune system isn’t compromised but we are still holding strong to the no visitors so send all your love telepathically. They are putting him on a dose of antibiotics for two weeks. The good news is his … Continued

Prayer request

My poor love. Not able to rest comfortably. Send him peaceful, healing prayers please. He is experiencing some emotional overwhelm as well; he feels so helpless. I encouraged him to stay with that feeling; it’s okay and it’s true. Right now he is. Although I am strong for him, I admit to you, our village, … Continued

Staying postitive

Today we have another little bend in the road. They are concerned he may have C. Diff so they are doing a test to see. We won’t know for 24 hours. The nurses and I now have to wear gowns and gloves in the room with him. We got the result of the X-ray just … Continued

To the love of my life

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. He had a better night last night; thank goodness! Sorry it has been a while since my last update. There has been a lot to do and I decided to spend some time at home today to take care of some things while he spent some time … Continued