Actions Are Louder

It has been six months since this interview and a lot of life has happened since then; to me, to you, to our world. 

I don’t like seeing myself on camera, taking pictures, hearing my voice, etc., but there is something about this that washes all that nonsense away. I watch this now and feel so moved by who I was back then. It feels good to be proud of oneself, and that I am. 

I feel like I showed up. I feel like I was guided and empowered to do what needed to be done. I like who I was, who I am and who I continue to be.

This is about living your truth and I am at peace knowing that I did, and I do.

Thank you Anthony, for all the support and kindness and along the way, and for holding up a mirror for me to see who I am. I am forever grateful.

Much love to you all.


Actions Are Louder : Dove Rose Grennan
Anthony James Morales 
Published on Jul 30, 2017
Subtitle Productions presents Actions Are Louder : Dove Rose Grennan.

In this installment of Actions Are Louder Series, I am extremely grateful to introduce you to Dove Rose Grennan. She is a woman who was built with love, compassion, understanding and action. 

Why Dove Rose Grennan? At the beginning of the year I was stuck in a state of numb. Not really knowing how to process the shift in our now – I was left with a lot of questions that seemed to not find any answers. One question being, Is this is really our reality? And I was not the only one swimming in this limbo…there were many, many more people just like me, near far and across the world…. it was an epidemic. 

When the Women’s March Washington came to fruition, my friend Shannon suggested I jump on this event. She said to find the ringleader and interview her/him for Actions Are Louder and I took that great advice and ran with it. 

Though Washington was bit of a distance I gave it some time and Eureka! Women’s March Los Angeles was created. On this Facebook Invite for the Women’s March Los Angeles I felt something that I hadn’t felt in that current time… Hope. Leading me to believe that this conversation must be had! 

Dove Rose Grennan was the human who took action and joined Los Angeles’ hand with Washington D.C’s hand by creating a Facebook Invite for our west coast sister march on January 21, 2017. . It may seem that a Facebook invite is something that we all overlook or disregard due to the overwhelming reminder of lack luster celebrations but this invite was different. This invite was our ticket to see a little bit of HOPE in the sea of confusion and the world became one and on January 21, 2017 between 3.3 & 4.6 million people worldwide knew it was time to ACT. 

I met Dove for the first time the following day. This conversation on camera was our first meeting and I sit in gratitude for that experience. Her light and positive energy is contagious and you can’t help but leave her company smiling and inspired. 

Dove, thank you for sharing your time with me and for being apart of this little passion project Actions Are Louder. You are inspiring in so many levels and I hope everyone sees the human that I see and take from your words a little boost to want to be, to act, to change, to love today and tomorrow.