Hurricane Irma

Praying for everyone who has been, and will be, affected by Hurricane Irma. I pray for the first responders, news crews, animals, residents, tourists, and everyone’s loved ones around the world.

I also pray for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and those affected by the earthquake in Mexico. Along with all those everywhere who are facing hardships at this moment.

I send love, healing energy, strength and courage to all. I will constantly be praying for everyone’s peace, safety and well being.

I am visualizing everyone safe and protected from harm’s way. For those that have faced challenges with the past storms and will face challenges with the one that is coming, I see them filled with calm and peace; knowing they will overcome this and be held up by their community and fellow humankind.

The radical kindness that has poured out to those affected by Hurricane Harvey is filing my soul. We will continue on and do what is necessary to get through this as one. We are united as humans, period; that’s all that matters.

No one is alone, everyone matters and everyone is being prayed for.
Join me.

Love you all.
Please be safe and know that you are loved.