Benefits of Young Living essential oils

Hello loves, I have been a distributor of Young Living essential oils for over 24 years and I love everything about using these oils. I use them with clients as well as my husband and I use them daily.

I am always placing orders, if anyone would like me to get them something; please let me know.

These are my daily must haves, they are always in my purse and at arm’s reach at home:
•Peppermint-it’s my breath freshener as well as I put a few drops in my water and take orally when my tummy feels delicate.
•Thieves-whenever I am feeling like I am getting sick I take a few drops orally or in a gel cap and without fail I am better in a few hours. It also has many other benefits but I use it for immune system support.
•Lavender-for any cuts or scrapes and also calming oil before bed
•Peace & Calming-my all time favorite whenever energy is too high and I need to come down or have been around others whose energy was too buzzy for me. Wonderful for pets as well.
•Valor-‘chiropractor in a bottle’-this one is my go-to when my body needs some love. If I twisted my ankle or bumped my knee, or if I feel the need to get grounded I put it on the soles of my feet. I also use this before I go to sleep.
•Frankincense and Oregano Oil are also always in my concoctions.

I also use about 80 more with clients but these are my favs. Let me know if you would like some and I will add it in my next order and ship it to you and give to you in person if you are local to me.

Sending love and blessings.