The power of gratitude.

I have always felt the power of gratitude is massive and I believe in expressing it out loud, so here goes!

I am feeling flooded with gratitude right now and I just have to share. This is my gratitude journal right now:

I am thankful to so many people in my life. I have been blessed to have such a full life of wondrous humans constantly surrounding me with their love, wisdom, joy, guidance and opportunities. From my birth to most spectacular mother anyone could want on this journey, to my childhood as a dancer, to my teens as a waitress, to an aerobic’s instructor at 15, to a private trainer at 17, to a business owner at 21, to a married woman at 40, to a daughter without her mother at 41, to a homeowner at 42, to the woman I am today at 47; thank you, thank you, thank you.

I feel so blessed to be given the gift of living this life. I feel so lucky, even with all the hard times, I still feel so blessed to wake up every day and go spend time with such kind, big-hearted, wise, loving, healthy humans who actually support my business and what I believe in and allow me to support them on their journey through life.

I still get butterflies when my husband’s truck pulls in the driveway because I know any minute my best friend is going to walk in the door and I get to spend all my life with him, and he’s hot too!

I have the most generous and loving friends, some for almost 30 years, some for only a year but feels like childhood friends.

I love everything about my life. I am truly present for all of it and want to take this moment to really be in it and acknowledge it; out loud.

Thank you to all those who touch my life and keep me healthy and grounded; my posse–Leslie N., Michelle B., Sylvia, Tim, Cai, Leslie S. Nicky, Rob, Tova, Bob, Susan P., Kevin K., Prudence, Julie, Tamar, Rachel and May Lindstrom it sure takes a village and I am so blessed that you are my village.

Thank you to my very first client, Paulanna, thank you for believing in me 30 years ago and thank you for still being my fairy godmother to this day. Thank you to some of my most faithful and supportive students who have been with me for decades, your steadfast support fills my heart every day of my life: Alison R., Sue C., Paul R., Sandra O., Robin F., Pamela H., Sarah D., Lizette H., and Tina B..

Thank you to the group of lovely humans who spend their mornings with me in my class and move, sweat and breath with me as we listen to great music and have a blast together! Alison F., Alison R., B.J., Beverly, Darren, Denise, Dougie, Elena, Erin, Eva, Ginger, Ina, Inna, Jeff, Jody, Keeley, Lisa, Lizette, Mary, Pamela H., Pamela D., Paul, Robin, Sarah, Sue, Susan, Ted, Tina, Tracy, Yvette, Kristine B., and Kris.

Thank you soul sisters–Mairead, jean, Pauletta, Sandra, Liv, and Patra.

Thank you to all the beautiful kids, teens and some now young adults that I am blessed to know and watch grow up in this glorious world. Thank you for making this world a better place. I love each and every one of you and look forward to your evolution–Nicky, Chris, Walker, Makena, Payton, Turner, Kaleaa, Kaya, Charlie, Kit, Katie, Noah, Jack, Emily, Mathew, Nicki & Domi, Abby, Izzy, E.F, D.F., John David, Katia, Oliva and Malcolm.

I am thankful for my father, my brother, my beautiful and loving auntie Madeline, my aunt Meleesa and uncle David and all my cousins. I am thankful to my grandparents who are no longer here on the physical plane but in my heart, and to their parents, and their parents, and so on; giving us all this opportunity to experience this life, in this body, in this moment.

Thank you to all my favorite places that I feel so at home in and held–Pergolina, Big Sugar, Aroma, LTH, Liv’art, Olive & Thyme, Whole Foods S.O. East and all my peeps there!, Kreation, Follow Your Heart, Mulberry Row, Fryman Cyn and my city! I love my home town. I feel so blessed to feel so at home where I live and be at peace here.

Thank you to all my WMLA sisters! my Colfax Meadows family, my dance community, my NOHOSAC community, my yoga community, Daniel, Claire, my teacher trainers I graduated with, all my business owner peers whose support and friendship over the years has meant so much to me!

I am thankful!

I live in Gratitude! Not just now, but every day of my life you are all on my mind and all my gifts and blessings are honored and appreciated; always.

Please know you are one of the reasons my life is so blessed; because you are in it. Seriously, the community that I surround myself with is my everything. Thank you for being there, standing by, holding me up, staying positive, living your life in such a way that our lives have aligned, sharing your path with my path and being here right now.

I wish for you to have a mindful, present, open-hearted experience tomorrow as you gather with loved ones. Notice your breath, taste your food, honor the seeds that were planted to bring you the food you nourish your body with, be in the moments of your life and know that you are loved…by me and by many!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I love you.