What would you say to your fifteen-year-old self?

My dear friend sent me this picture of my young self the other day. Thank you Greg! Wow! I remember that girl! I love my ode to Madonna ‘Like a Virgin’ era lace hair bow.

What I would say to my fifteen-year-old self?

You are beautiful. Your hair is gorgeous, your skin is perfect. You are smart, funny, kind, and loved by all. Have fun in life.
Don’t worry if you make a mistake, that’s how you learn.
Relax, there is enough time. Don’t work too hard. Play more and dance more. Don’t worry about who likes you; just love yourself and go live out loud. You are perfect just as you are. Everyone who spends time with you leaves with more love and light in their heart and that is because of you! Spread your wings and enjoy the ride.
I love you.
(And PS I would say that to my 47-year-old self today as well)

What would you say to yours?