Know you are loved

I am walking through one of my least favorite places, the mall, and I am on the phone with a beautiful human being, Alyson, speaking about some very sensitive and vulnerable things that caused my heart to soften in some sadness. 

As I am walking to Apple to get my phone serviced, a very adorable little boy, who couldn’t have been more than four years-old walked up to me and hugged me; wrapping his little arms around my calves and nestling his sweet, little, warm head into my legs. I caressed his head and smiled as I said hello. I was still on my phone call but I stayed still with him and let him hold me as long as he wanted/needed to. 

I wasn’t sure if the hug was more for him or me at that moment. He released me and waved bye-bye. I finished my call and went to Apple. 

As I walked out I went over to his mother, who was sitting with him, and introduced myself and kneeled down to say hello to him again and thank him for the hug earlier. 

He simply walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me again. This time resting his head on my shoulders as I was at at his height kneeling down. 

I smiled and held him in my arms and looked at his mother who was also smiling. I am not sure if she spoke English but she spoke my language for sure; love and joy. I kept talking to him and he would run around and play and come back and hug me. I then said goodbye and he said ‘No!’ So I stayed another moment and he hugged me again. I felt his soul; his eyes were filled with wisdom, light and hope. He was my gift. I paused and received it, completely and as long as it was there to receive. 

Thank you Loland. Thank you for the radical act of kindness you just bestowed upon me. I guess I need to rethink this whole mall thing. Maybe it’s not so bad after all. 

Look for the hidden treasures in your day. They are everywhere, waiting to be discovered. 

Know you are loved