One year follow up

Calling all angels! My beautiful husband is going in on Monday for his one year follow up. Can you believe it has been a year already? Wow. What a year it has been; filled with so much knowledge, lessons, growth, gifts and blessings. We are feeling everything you can imagine we would be feeling as … Continued

I feel so blessed, and loved.

My first client brought me the most beautiful, overflowing bag of oranges and kumquats from her yard. And it was her birthday! She is bringing me the bounty. Then my next client walks in to my home with a bouquet of flowers for me. She was in my home for an energy healing session and … Continued

I just have to share this…

I was shopping at the 99 Cents Only store for my latest mission to help Mikell, the beautiful school teacher we are all helping. I was filling my cart with backpacks, clip boards, erasers and other school supplies for her students when I looked around and noticed so many people in need of a little … Continued


Today has been a rich, loving and full day. I am blown away by everyone’s generosity and willingness to jump into anything I am involved in. Thank you so much Jon, Shirley, Kristin, Catherine, Ginger, Liv, Emmett, A.J., Angela, Susan and so many more who I don’t even know of who are busy helping out … Continued

Is your speech conscious speech?

As I look at this picture of a precious little girl and see her delicate nature, I see what I still see in myself; I am delicate. I am also strong, invincible and resilient. But the sensitive nature of being a human being is a fact; it is a reality of having a human body. I … Continued

What brings you joy today?

The wisteria has begun to unfold it’s magic. I instantly fell in love with our house when I walked through the front door over seventeen years ago and took in a sight that still brings me joy. The purple sea of wisteria was enough for me to say ‘I’ll take it’ and never look back. The … Continued

This was the best text to wake up to.

Most of you remember the lovely couple we all rallied to help back in 2016; John and Lisa Thomas. They were homeless, living on the streets in Studio City and many of you helped me help them get back on their feet. We got them warm clothes, legal support, money, food, bus tickets to get … Continued

Sending everyone love.

How are you doing? I really care. Let me know how you are today. I hope you are having a great day. How has life been for you? What is bringing you joy lately? What challenges are you having at the moment? I’m here to listen, support, and be here with you. I’m really serious … Continued

Who wants to practice Radical Acts of Kindness with me?

I feel the need to go spread some love and joy. It could be as simple as offering someone help with their groceries, to paying it forward and starting a pre-paid meal chain at a local eatery (I used to do this at Chipotle and my local coffee shop and loved to see how far … Continued


Kindness is where I wish to reside. When unkindness touches my life it shocks me and at the same time it empowers me to be even more kind.  It’s like being starving so when you see food you devour it. When I am hurt by unkindness it makes me want to hug everyone who is … Continued