Kindness is where I wish to reside. When unkindness touches my life it shocks me and at the same time it empowers me to be even more kind.  It’s like being starving so when you see food you devour it. When I am hurt by unkindness it makes me want to hug everyone who is kind and practice radical acts of kindness everywhere. I feel like it is my own, inner checks and balances. Today was that kind of day; pun intended. There is pain, there are cruel people, there is rage, and disappointment, loss, suffering and so much here to experience. When any of these energies touch my life I get this burning desire to go organize a movement of kindness, love, compassion, humanity. This is a similar feeling I had when I started the LA Women’s March. It is like it strengthens my deep life mantra of pure love and light. I experienced a discomfort and now I am relishing in the after effect of shining brighter because of. How has life touched you in a tender way where it simply turned up the volume of your truth and innate you’ness?  Do share.