This was the best text to wake up to.

Most of you remember the lovely couple we all rallied to help back in 2016; John and Lisa Thomas. They were homeless, living on the streets in Studio City and many of you helped me help them get back on their feet. We got them warm clothes, legal support, money, food, bus tickets to get back to Arizona to reunite with their children, and secured them housing in Arizona and jobs, as well as therapy and continued NA and AA support. 

I am SO proud of them both! We have stayed in touch and I am thrilled to share that they are still employees, still sober, still positive and being a beautiful contribution to society…and expecting their third child! 

Isn’t it amazing what was gift cards, clothes, and kindness can do for someone? Let’s change the world people! One person at a time. Kindness cures!

Thank you to all of you who stood by me when I saw something in their eyes that touched me and I just knew we could make a difference; and boy did we!

With the homeless epidemic so intense right now, it is moments like this that give me hope. I will continue to focus on what I can do to be a light in the world. 

I love you and I hope you are having a beautiful day.
Thank you angels.