Is your speech conscious speech?

As I look at this picture of a precious little girl and see her delicate nature, I see what I still see in myself; I am delicate. I am also strong, invincible and resilient. But the sensitive nature of being a human being is a fact; it is a reality of having a human body. I still see this little girl in me, sharing space with my adult Self. We are one. I honor her as I honor all of me. I see this in every human I interact with, think of or pass by on the street. We are delicate, powerful beings that all deserve, and need, loving, tender kindness; always and in all ways. ‘If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do.’ I so believe that our words effect our cellular structure, our brain, our hormones, our nervous system, our respiratory system; everything. Not only what is said to us but what we say to others as well. Is your speech conscious speech? Be present and notice. Long pause. Namaste.