Today has been a rich, loving and full day. I am blown away by everyone’s generosity and willingness to jump into anything I am involved in. Thank you so much Jon, Shirley, Kristin, Catherine, Ginger, Liv, Emmett, A.J., Angela, Susan and so many more who I don’t even know of who are busy helping out with my latest cause.

We have a lot more to gather for this teacher in order for her to make her 5th grade classroom a sacred, safe and fun place for her students. So please let me know if you want to get involved.

I am going shopping in the morning to get her some things and many others have shipped things to me for me to bring to her directly. I am happy to answer questions you may have. Feel free to post questions below.

I am also thinking outside the box and trying to come up with ways to go beyond this class room and into their bigger needs as human beings on the planet. Let me know if you want to join forces as I reach out to LA Family Housing and other homeless outreach organizations to see what we can do about helping the families of these students. One step at a time but I can’t help to go bigger too.

Love to you all.
Sweet dreams.