I feel so blessed, and loved.

My first client brought me the most beautiful, overflowing bag of oranges and kumquats from her yard. And it was her birthday! She is bringing me the bounty.

Then my next client walks in to my home with a bouquet of flowers for me. She was in my home for an energy healing session and she is bringing me flowers.

Then I open my front door and there is a package on my porch. There wasn’t a card, so a little bunny must have dropped off a present. It is the most stunning Japanese dish from The Good Liver in downtown; I love that store!

I want to thank the bunny so if you have any hints will you please let me know.

I am pausing and reflecting on this flow of energy because of the time it is. My mother always put together the most divine Easter baskets, ever! She had done it since I was a little girl and all the way through my 30’s. As a little girl, I would roll over in bed and there was this beautiful, overflowing basket filled with stuffed animals, the most healthy and organic treats imaginable, little trinkets, and a deeply profound and thoughtful card. Or, I would open my front door and there it would be on my porch waiting for me to enjoy on Easter. She would come by the night before or early that morning and without fail it was always there.

My loving husband has taken over this tradition for her and graces me with his version of this joyful experience.

I feel my mother. I feel the love from everyone in my life and I am so blessed, and grateful, to be surrounded by such pure and kind souls, but I also feel my mother orchestrating some of what I receive and when. I receive very well, I consider myself a good receiver, but sometimes I notice a little something extra with the giving that I receive in life. There is this ever so subtle flow of energy to it that feels like a whisper of her grace and her heart. As if she is right there with me and I can feel her breath as she holds me. I pause in this and bow in gratitude for it.

Thank you Cyd.
Thank you Beverly.
Thank you kind, anonymous gift giver.
Thank you Emmett.
Thank you mom.

Love to you all and may you receive with an open heart whatever the Universe brings to you. Happy Spring.