Update on Emmett.

I wanted to give you an update on Emmett’s colonoscopy on Monday. Thank you for all your love and support. As we circled back to this experience we were faced with the unknowns again and found ourselves a bit restimulated and I definitely was contending with some PTSD. For those of you who know my husband, he was quite calm and present.

The good news is Emmett is still 100% cancer FREE!! Thank goodness!!! There really isn’t bad news, but the doctor did find one polyp that he had biopsied because he wasn’t certain it was a polyp or was simply a natural fold in Emmett’s colon. All this means is that he will have to go back in one year for his next colonoscopy, instead of the traditional three years if there weren’t any polyps.

To be honest, I wanted him to go back annually regardless of polyps being present or not so this doesn’t really change our plans much. We are both choosing to take a very pro active approach to his health and the annual test seems to make the most sense once cancer was present in his body.

Of course we are a little bummed because we were hoping for a completely clear result with no polyps at all but we know these bodies are quite mysterious and magical organisms, so we accept the news as wisdom. I feel, in some way, this is simply the Universe making sure that Emmett goes back every year and stays on top of his Self care regime. Rather than thinking he could put it off for a few years.

We are both very grateful and feel so blessed to be where we are on this journey. I am so proud of the life changes Emmett has made in this past year. I am also touched by the dozens and dozens of friends, and even strangers, who have shared that they went to get their first colonoscopy because of Emmett’s story. We both love hearing this and feel we can definitely be a light on this path for those who may be avoiding this test or coping with fear around the results of their tests. Face it, be present, be an advocate for someone dealing with this, show up for yourself and for your body, just be awake and pay attention.

I took Emmett to get acupuncture a few hours after the colonoscopy to help metabolize the drugs out of his system and move some chi around his body. I snuck in a little for me too, to help with my fear and worry. Thank you Nicky. We are both so grateful you could see us so quickly. You have been quite a gift during this past year.

We are also following up with our holistic integrative health internist who will do a thorough check of all Emmett’s lab work and physical exam next week. I love the village I have created of doctors, who are also healers. If you need any referrals I will list them on the bottom of this post. Feel free to email me or message me if you have any questions.

Now we carry on with our lives and live our moments with as much grace, honesty and gratitude as humanly possible. Love your loves everyone; love them out loud and constantly. Know how precious life is and how many people love you and think of you every day. Know your worth on this journey. Know how important you are and what your presence really means here. Don’t ever doubt your magic and your gift to us all; just by simply breathing. I love you and I am grateful to know you.


My email is dove@dovesbodies.com if you have any questions or would just like to chat. 🙂

Dr. Bencharit is Emmett’s Gastroenterology/Internal Medicine doctor. When Emmett went to UCLA Westwood for his endoscopy last year, Dr. Watson (another superb GI specialist) mentioned what a superior doctor Dr. Bencharit is for being able to find one of Emmett’s pre-cancerous polyps. He said many doctors would have missed it. That says a lot to me about Dr. Bencharit. Even with what he discovered on Monday, another doctor might have not tested it. I feel like we are in very good hands with him.
(661) 253-7953 (UCLA Santa Clarita)

Dr. Robert Krochmal is my everything! I absolutely love him. He is a GP but with a holistic approach and covers basically everything. He specializes in hormone balancing as well as many more things. He got me through menopause. Every person I refer to Rob is blown away by the experience. He is an old school doctor who actually sits down and talks to you like a human being and listens to your symptoms and doesn’t just look at your blood work. I can’t say enough good things about him. Plus I love him as a human being, his wife is a friend and he is SO kind!


818.999.9960 (Woodland Hills)

Dr. Tim Barreto is my personal healer, who happens to be the most magical chiropractor as well. I have been working with him for over twelve years and consider him, not only a dear friend, but a teacher, a healer, a guide, and an intuit. He practices quantum physics, kinesiology, ortho kinetic remodeling and magic! 🙂 He has been able to help every single person I recommend to him over all these years; I think it’s been hundreds!
818.760.7847 (Toluca Lake)
(Although the other doctors there are also wonderful, I only see Tim so if there is a wait list for him simply ask to be notified of a cancellation and you will always get in quickly.)

Nicky Corbett is, not only a friend, but a great acupuncturist whom I trust with my entire mind, body and soul. She addresses every corner of my well being and again, like the above mentioned, she really friggin’ cares. She spends the time necessary to truly understand how you are feeling and what you need. I am lucky to know her and have her in my village of healers.
818) 506-7401 (Toluca Lake)

And you all know how much I can’t live without my Julie, my mindful psychotherapy. She has gotten me through so much over the past fifteen years. She is a vast wealth of wisdom and guidance for anything and everything that the mind can conjure up in this existence. She specializes in grief and loss but is also a M.A., LMFT, LPCC. She works with individuals, couples, teaches meditation, forest bathing workshops and so much more. (She also happened to marry us! We feel quite lucky to have her in our lives) I highly recommend her for anyone looking for some support along the way in this journey.
(818) 497-2046 (Encino)

I also have some spectacular energy healers I entrust my path with. I have become an energy healer myself due to my many years of studying this healing modality. If you would like to chat more about it please feel free to reach out.

So, as you can see, I have quite a village. That isn’t including my wonderful holistic gynecologist, Dr. Hall in Santa Monica, Dr. Kevin Kelly, my Sonocine master, my crazy fabulous dentist I have had since 1988, and don’t even get me started on my hair dresser! 🙂

A village indeed! I feel like I can continue to live, and age, gracefully with this team of loving and caring humans watching over me. If you need help creating your village, please let me know. It is important. I am here to help. Know you are loved.
Peace out.