Will you please do me a favor?

I know the power of social media and I know the power of like-minded, amazingly, kind, loving and beautiful humans like all of you. Will you please support my dear friend Robin’s boutique flower studio, Mulberry Row in Sherman Oaks? Go show her some radical love please! She owns the loveliest little shop and I love it so much I keep begging her to let me work there!! 

If you don’t live in LA, I am sure there is someone you know in the LA area that would love to receive a beautiful arrangement from Mulberry Row. 

Even if you don’t need any flowers, just think of someone who you want to celebrate and send them your love via flowers! Or go into her shop and buy a little trinket for yourself. She has lovely cookbooks, home decor books, artwork, garden goodies, beautiful plants and arrangements and SO much more. She also does weddings, events, and more! 

Robin has been my Go To Gal for years and eventually became a dear and trusted friend. She is very special and I want her to feel this wave of love from us all. Without going into details, I want to flood this woman, and her business with love, and support, and abundance, and I want to do it in an overwhelming kind of way–so have at it!! Won’t you all help me please?

Thank you!!!!!