Yellow Polka Dot Kleenex

You know those days where things just happen? Well, today was one of those days for me. It is my day off so I spent the first part of the day relaxing at home playing ColorKu, listening to the birds, enjoying the sun and lounging. I love this day of the week because it is … Continued

How could they?

*Parts Unknown Indeed* To quote June Osbourne from Handmaid’s Tale, ‘What the actual fuck?’ And then as soon as I say that I am also struck with the wisdom to be able to answer that question; personal choice—that’s what. I am so sad, so devastated by another’s choice to leave in this manner. And to … Continued

Rest In Peace Kate.

For pain to supersede what love used to flood, that is what is cutting so deep into my heart today as I process this news. I personally feel connected to Kate Spade for many obvious reasons, like the rest of the world touched by her creations, grace and spirit. I am impacted two-fold by this due … Continued