Rest In Peace Kate.

For pain to supersede what love used to flood, that is what is cutting so deep into my heart today as I process this news. I personally feel connected to Kate Spade for many obvious reasons, like the rest of the world touched by her creations, grace and spirit.

I am impacted two-fold by this due to my personal relationship with suicide. I sit here with a sad heart and a heaviness in my body, as I know this terrain all too well.

As I sit here and cry for all those affected by this news; by this level of suffering that moves people to end their lives, I am especially holding her beloved daughter in my prayers and deep in my heart.

A daughter losing a mother to suicide changes who you are on every level; forever, and over and over again every day in so many ways.

Reach out to those you love. Hold them, listen to them, just be there with them. Love them. Stay engaged in their lives.